Monday, November 5, 2007

Gimme Your Stuff

I'm new to this gimme your stuff site, but had been swapping at various other sites. I'm from Singapore and like to swap with people all over the world.

Things that I would like to swap

craft supplies
buttons and beads
ribbons and trims
candy and chocolates
tea and coffee
home decor items
crafts and home decor magazines
handmade stuffs

Please leave a comment if you would like to do a swap with me. :)


Nini said...


Mail me at if you will swap with me! Or look my blog!

Faith said...

I'm interested to swap with you.
My name's FAITH and I write from Italy!!
I like everithing is cute....this is my blogger address:
and this is my email address:
I hope you like to SWAP with me!!!

cremeberries said...

Hi nini and faith, I had send u an email. :)

Faith said...

I'm sorry, but I don't receive any mail from you...
I'm very interesting to SWAP WITH YOU!!!
Let me know something
and maybe write at this mail, that it is better:

Kisses frim Italy!!

valentina said...

hi crèmèberries!
i' m from italy and i want swap with you
if you want swap with me send a mail to

agnetha said...


I'm Agnetha from Sweden. Would you like to do a swap with me?? Contact me at:



Patita said...


I'm Patsy from Texas and I'd looove to swap with you. Here's a link to my blog so you can see the cool things I have to swap

Have a great day!